Every day at work and in my personal life I hold back unconstructive criticism, willing condemning and unnecessary complaining.

This is not necessary a polish feature, because it hurts teams, families, businesses and all nation.

Like DALE CANNEGLE in 1929, He has left a message in a form of rules, what not to do in order to motivate those people around you and make them grow.

I believe that following these principles is effective:

1. Do not criticize
2. Do not condemn
3. Do not complain

Professionally, as a coach I help women changing their lives to become a professional in their jobs and let them live life to the fullest.

I am a chairman of the organization QuantumLive sp z o.o. My organization and I attach big importance to charitable activities supporting for example child care home. I am also a volunteer in the nursing home elderly – this is a grain of welfare, which brings incredible value to life.

It is important to give something back your community. Helping others gives me more satisfaction than anything else.


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